Lappo, an island in Brändö municipality, is about 8 squarekilometres. On Lappo we are about 30 inhabitants all year round, making our living as sailors, teachers and craftsmen. In summertime the number of inhabitants increase thanks to the summer inhabitants.

On Lappo there is a small food store with post office, a restaurant (in summertime), a marina for 90 boats and Skärgårdsmuseet, an archipelago museum. Lappo has also DiscGolfPark with 18 holes, A1-class. Follow the Lappo DGP on Facebook.

The best we have to offer is our nature! Every season has its own charm; the spring when the seabirds arrive and all the green shades when nature awakes, the summer with sunshine and bath, autumn when nature shows all its wonderfull colors or the power in an autumn storm, and winter when nature rests and we maybe can go skating on the sea.

Lappo is paradise if you like hiking. We have a 5 km long footpath that guides you if you want to experience a great beauty of nature without worrying about getting lost, but on Lappo it’s never far to a road that leads you home to Pellas!

Since Lappo is “in the middle” of the archipelago and has good communications it´s suitable if you want a base camp and want to make day trips to other islands; Asterholma, Björkö, Brändö, Kumlinge or Enklinge. Rent a bike and order a picnic basket and have a nice day!